What To Consider When Buying Grooming Kits for Your Dog

Dog groomers provide a full range of services and they are the experts in trimming the fur, clipping the nails, cleaning the ears, etc. But a good fur parent must have their own personal grooming kit for those emergencies.

Besides, some grooming procedures are easy and simple enough to be done at home such as washing and combing the dog’s fur. With the proper cutting and shearing tools, simple haircuts are also feasible which could be really handy for dog breeds with constantly growing hair since a trip to the dog groomer could be costly.

If it is your first time buying, you might be overwhelmed with a variety of dog grooming kits available. Choosing based on your requirement, budget and dog’s breed would significantly narrow down your choices.

Dog grooming kit for small dogs

When you look for professional dog grooming kits, not only should you consider your dog’s breed but also the size. Grooming kits for small dogs are ergonomically designed to allow the user to trim even the tiniest dog’s hard to reach spots easily.

Grooming kits for small dogs include clippers and scissors and even thinning shears since there are small dog breeds that grow medium to thick coats. The kit also contains nail cutter and nail file and lubricating oil to keep the clippers working efficiently.

Dog grooming kit for dogs with thick coats

Dog grooming kit that has a clipper with a titanium ceramic blade and features 33 teeth instead of the standard 24, this is a kit that is designed for dogs with thick coats. The sturdy blade and the copious number of teeth could cut through even the toughest coats.

If the breed of your dog is included in the breeds of double coated dogs such as Pomeranians and Newfoundlands, look for grooming kits that specifically mention they are for dogs with thick coats to withstand the brunt of cutting through thick layer of fur. The rechargeable battery should also be lengthy for it to be more than enough to groom a medium sized dog.

Dog grooming kit for beginners

As a first-time fur parent who would do their fur baby’s grooming, don’t bewilder yourself by buying a grooming kit with a clipper with complicated attachments. Stick to the basic since you would only be doing basic grooming procedures with your dog.

The basics include a clipper, scissors, brushes (slicker and boar bristle), nail clipper and nail file to cut those sharp nails. Some of these dog grooming kit for beginners even include a squeaky toy to divert the dog’s attention, especially those who are getting groomed for the first time.

Not only should you choose a dog grooming kit based on how frequent you would use it, or affordability but you should also consider its portability, long battery life, convenience of use and minimal noise level so as not to spook your dog. When all these specifications are met, you are guaranteed to have a well-groomed dog who is always picture perfect.

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