Steps to ensure your sunset years are your most satisfying years

Live for today

Eat for today, laugh for today, spend money for today. No doubt, this is going to contradict most of what we are going to say in the next few tips. But the trick is to do things for today so you don’t regret not doing it, or not doing it enough in the years to come. Remember that regret is going to be a common companion for your sunset years. By living for today, you are making sure this companion is only an occasional visitor¾and not a constant companion.


Pursue everything that doesn’t leave your mind in peace

There are certain things in our life, that if not pursued, simply refuses to leave your mind. These can include (but are not limited to) your education, a career you wanted to try but was not able to or even a relationship you could pursue, but have not. These are the things, in your sunset years, that are going to nag you constantly with what ifs. Remember that if it refuses to let you sleep now, it will definitely continue to do so in the years to come. So pursue that education and get your MBA program in Singapore done with, change your occupation while you are still able to, and ask that person out¾even if it’s a confirmed no. At least you will have the satisfaction of having tried and failed.


Save for tomorrow

This is one of those tips that contradict with the first; where we told you to spend for today. The secret is to balance. Spend on yourself and your family; but don’t waste. Use your money, but save at least a significant part of it for the future. Have insurances for the future and in case of emergencies so you need not touch your retirement fund. Don’t spend money you are yet to earn on things you don’t really need, and all shall be well.


Be faithful to your health

Again, it contradicts what we said about “eating for today”. Like the above, the secret lies on creating a balance. If you don’t eat what you want today, chances are that you’ll regret not doing so during your sunset years. However, if you over eat and not be faithful to your health, you will be restricted (on food) faster than you’d like¾again making you regret. How to create the balance? Simple. Eat healthily as much as possible, but when you are given the chance to taste or experience something new, go for it!

Hold fast to your relationships

At the end of the day, it is your relationships in life that truly gives you the satisfaction of looking back. Friends and family are irreplaceable; so take every step to ensure you hold fast to them. For sure, in your journey of creating your own empire, you might feel like prioritizing other things can be more satisfying¾but that is only a short term satisfaction. Always make time for your friends and family, so that in the years to come, they will make time for you…

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