Different Types of Jobs in Aged Care

Pursuing a career in healthcare is one of the most fulfilling jobs one could ever have. However, aside from skills and knowledge, you also need to have the passion in providing care to other people. Without that trait, a healthcare career won’t really be that fulfilling it all.

There are different jobs in healthcare to choose from such as nursing, physical therapy, and many more. For those who have the passion in taking care and providing support to the elderly, a career in aged care is something you should try out. There are a variety of roles you can choose from so you wouldn’t be stuck in one particular role. To help you decide which one to choose, here are the different types of roles in aged care.

Aged Care Support Worker

An aged care support worker is mainly responsible for providing assistance and support to the elderly client. This could be help in doing regular daily tasks such as personal care, cleaning, doing errands, cooking, and many more. Some aged care support workers are privately hired and work with their clients who are still living in their homes.

On the other hand, a residential aged care support worker is someone who works with their clients who are already staying in an aged care facility. Many of these clients require much support and assistance since a lot of them can’t live independently on their own anymore.

If you’re planning to start a career as an aged care support worker or any job under aged care, you’ll need to have at least a Certificate 3 Individual Support to become a qualified aged care provider whether at home or in aged care facilities.


Community Support Worker

Unlike residential and private support workers, a community support worker provides assistance and organizes activities for the elderly in a community setting. They help spark the social life of their elderly clients once again by organizing events and inviting them to join and interact with others. A community support worker should be creative to plan out interesting events and should also be considerate in identifying the needs and preferences of the people they will be working with.

Lifestyle and Leisure Officer

Also known as a lifestyle coordinator, this main responsibility in this job is to plan and organize fun activities for the elderly. Lifestyle coordinators are usually hired by an aged care facility or a community to help liven up the social life of seniors. Lifestyle coordinators plan out all the activities for their clients – from regular daily meals to fun weekend events. Aside from planning and organizing events, it is also their responsibility to inspire their clients to join and have fun in every activity.

If you’re looking for a career that would help a lot of people, a job in aged care is one of the best that you should try out. Aside from passion and love for the career, don’t forget to get the needed qualifications to become certified in providing aged care support.

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