Common Specialties of Private Investigators

Private investigators are well known for their skills and expertise in gathering information no matter how deep or hidden it could be. However, each investigator has his or her specialty when it comes to taking cases.

For instance, one may be experienced in background checking while another specializes in surveillance. Choosing an investigator who specializes in the type of case file that you have is essential to be sure to get good results. There are plenty of specialization areas that PIs can choose from. Here are the 5 most common specialties investigators handle.

Background Checking

Background checking is one of the most common works done by private investigators. It can be done due to a lot of reasons. An employer may want to check an applicant’s records to see if he is what he says in the CV.

A landlord may want to know more about the rental history of a tenant to see if he would be a good tenant or not. No matter what the reason is, background checking is almost the core form of investigative work. If you’re looking for background checking services, look no further and talk to one of our professional private investigators for your case.

Civil Investigation

Civil investigation is next to background checking when it comes to popularity in investigative specialization. This involves a lot of things such as domestic surveillance, searching missing person, checking assets, or any case that are brought to trial at the court. This information can be used as additional evidences during court trial especially if you want to tip the scales to your advantage.


Surveillance covers a lot of area in private investigation. Basically, this involves a close and careful observation of a person, thing or even a place to get facts or evidences that can be used to build up a case.

A private investigator can do surveillance by simply observing the subject from afar, taking photos on public spaces, having a recorded conversation, and many more. Although private investigators are allowed to get much information that they need about the subject, they should do it the legal way. Rules in taking information differ from one state to another that’s why it is essential for them to stay updated with the law.

Insurance Investigation

Insurance fraud is not a new thing. There are many people who had experienced it in various forms. Some have been falsely denied in their compensation, over-billing, lost records and paperwork, and a lot more reasons. If you’re suspecting an insurance company is not giving you the right payout that you deserve for your case, you can hire a private investigator to look deeper into the issue to help you get the right compensation you deserve.

Different private investigators have varied specializations and expertise. To get the best results for your case, hire one who is knowledgeable and has a lot of experience in the type of case you’re planning to give. Contact the nearest private investigation firm now to get someone whom you can work with.

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