Abseiling and its Importance to Painting and Maintaining High Rise Buildings

Have you ever noticed workmen going about their duties while suspending themselves on ropeson high-rise buildings? These workers who demonstrate no fear of heights are referred to as abseilers. An abseiler is a person who uses a double rope (one attached to their body and the other to a point above them in the building) todescend a buildingvertically to attend to their building-related work. It is usedby janitorial staff, painters and other workers engaged in the maintenance and repairs of high-rise buildings.

Today it is a technique that’s gaining groundamong companies that specialise in painting and maintenance work of high-rise buildings. The technique allows a cost-efficient and effective way to reach those hard to get to places in a complex architectural structure. Check out high rise painting sunshine coast to understand how some of the leading companies engaged in painting high-rise buildings use the services of these daredevils.

Although the origins of abseiling date as far back as early 1900 its use in high-rise building work as an alternative method to the far more expensive and complex use of cranes and scaffolding,only started to emerge a couple of decades ago.

Maintaining today’s modern architectural structures is not an easy job. Buildings today feature design aspects that were not present in the past. This translates to mean a far more complex job for both property management teams and contracted maintenance teams who work on them,

The use of abseiling for painting and/or maintaining high-rise buildings has several advantages, notably the ability to access hard-to-reach places in a building, a feat difficult to achieve with traditional,large,and cumbersome cranesand scaffolding.

Abseiling presents a cost-effective option tocranes and scaffoldingthat is passed on to the client contracting the company to do the paint or maintenance job. In addition to cost efficiencies, abseiling also providesgreater time efficiencies. It is a far easier technique to deploy when compared to cranes and scaffolding,which require more manpower and tools.

The use of trained abseiling technicians also provides far greater flexibility in carrying out the job compared to traditional methods. Consider buildings located in rough or difficult-to-access terrain for example or buildings built in such a way that it has multiple hard-to-reachplaces. The ropes used for abseiling are highly flexible which allows a lot of room for manoeuvring by the technician(s). The technique also has the advantage of the ability to scale significant building heights. Therefore,a high-rise painting company that uses abseiling have a significant advantage over businesses that don’t as they can execute a painting job for a client in a far more effective and efficient manner.

Commercial abseiling is a regulated technique requiring training and certification. Check what the training and experience requirements are for abseilers in your area and inquire if your paint contractor adheres to these requirements in their recruitment. Additionally,find out about the safety requirements stipulated by industry bodies and if these are followed by your contractor.

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