Ways to Keep A Child Safe During the Process of Divorce

One of the most tragic part of the process of divorce is not only the dissolution of a once glorious and happy union and relationship between two intimate individuals, but also the isolation of the children of the couple in the process of splitting up.

In most cases of divorce in which children are involved with the couple’s divorce process, the ones who are actually left out of each argument would be the children. And they are most likely to suffer the feeling of isolation, defeat, and abandonment. So here are ways to keep the children and their welfare safe during this painful process.


The idea of co-parenting rose from the idea and events of many couples who fell out of love and fell out of their commitment to their marriage but has not lost their passion for raising their children. And so even with the process of being divorced and separated they still find time to keep a civilized relationship of friendship so that they child could still have the semblance of a complete family, or the symbolic idea of having both parents, even if they are not together.

Legal Custody

One of the best options with families who are going through divorce is to settle the custody of the children. This might seem harsh and cruel, but it is the most practical thing to do in this painful proves between families. Child custody lawyers Melbourne has one of the best specialists in these special cases.

One should note that they have to get a different legal counsel when it comes to the welfare of the children. One of the downsides of not prioritizing it in the legal process is that nobody will be able to look into the settlement when the times comes for it to be formalized, and the children would be left on their own.



Have the children placed into counselling? The idea being is that when a family undergoes a divorce legal process, not only are the parent’s feelings considered but also the children, and so even before the process of divorce it is necessary to undergo family therapy along the way before pursuing the process of slitting up because everyone would have truly suffered if it happens. And if the couple would really about to split up, then it would be the responsibility of the parents to send their children for counselling.

Inclusion to New Families

Also new concepts between divorced families are also emerging in this new era, although it might not be as efficient as a real and complete family but it does help to include the child into the assimilation of one parent with their new family and that instead of being left outside the family circle of each parent is that they’d have an extended family in the process in which their family members just become larger rather than seeing it as a fragmented part of a whole.

It is very important to consider each member of the family with the process, every voice opinion and concern from each family member should be heard.

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