Different Procedures Under Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on achieving a beautiful smile by correcting any irregularities in the jaws or teeth. To carry out cosmetic dentistry, a dentist needs to have the right experience and training. In some cases, functionality will be improved as well in addition to improving appearance. It includes dental work regarding teeth, bite and gums. The colour, size, location, alignment and shape of teeth will be assessed in order to provide corrective treatments.

There are certain procedures that are involved in cosmetic dentistry Burwood. There are procedures that add or remove material to gums or teeth. The addition of material includes crowns, porcelain veneers, gum grafts and bonding. Removal of material includes gingivectomy and enameloplasty. In addition to these procedures, there is also laser whitening, teeth whitening and treating gum discolouration. Most of the time, the brightening of teeth is something that people commonly request in cosmetic dentistry. A smile is an important aspect of personality and people tend to be hesitant when there are discoloured teeth, missing teeth or have gaps in teeth that will affect the smile. A dentist that has sufficient experience in cosmetic dentistry will be able to assist in building their confidence by correcting any issues with the smile.

When a patient is suffering from a tooth that has mild or medium decay and there is not enough structure in the tooth for a filling, an indirect filling can be done. An indirect filling can be an inlay or an onlay. When the tooth cusp or a large part of the tooth is damaged, an onlay will be used by the dentist. An inlay is used when such damage is not there. The material used for this is generally out of ceramic or porcelain. It will bond to the teeth with the aid of dental cement and continue to provide support to the teeth. They can also restore the shape of the damaged tooth. Another option for damaged or discoloured teeth is composite bonding. The decayed area is drilled out and removed. Then a composite is applied to the surface of the tooth and shaped to resemble the tooth. The colour of the material will match the tooth colour so that no change will be seen after the procedure. This procedure can be carried out on patients that have chipped or cracked teeth as well.


A common cosmetic dentistry procedure is teeth whitening and in most cases, you will only need a single visit with the dentist in order to carry out this procedure. Once you are given a teeth cleaning, teeth can be whitened by using a bleaching agent. Dental veneers are a form of cap that can go over the natural teeth. Once the procedure is done, you will not be able to notice a difference. They can help to address cracked, damaged or crooked teeth. If there is a gap that is very noticeable between two teeth, the veneer can be applied to both teeth in order to minimize it and make the teeth look even.

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